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Aroma stands for inspired visual communication.


We provide high-end content production services for film, advertisement and interactive media.

Our focus is creating meaningful messages that engage the right people. We follow through from concept to finish to advance your strategic interests. We deliver effective solutions and proudly take responsibility for results.

Aroma Film Services Co Ltd brings together a vibrant team of international specialists, allowing us to take on a wide range of challenging media projects in house. We bring together talent to create unforgettable experiences right here, right now.


Our on-set crew tackles

  • Production management
  • Directing
  • DoP
  • Special photography (aerial, cable, gimbal, stunt)
  • VFX supervision
  • DIT
  • Stunt & SFX coordination / 2nd unit directing
  • Costume, hair & makeup

For pre-production we offer

  • Service production
  • Script consultancy
  • VFX planning
  • Stunt & SFX planning

As well as complete feature post-production services and facilities

  • Editing
  • Sound composition, recording and mastering
  • VFX and 3D
  • Color Grading
  • Deliverables
  • All facilities for rent

Book us to handle all your worries or get support from our team on a per-person basis – we understand flexible projects need flexible services.


Communicating your passion is what advertisement is all about.

You have the most outstanding service, the most innovative product, the most rewarding brand – you believe in it with all your heart and are spending your lifetime growing it.

Then the way in which your passion is communicated to the world, to your employees and investors, should reflect this commitment to excellency.

  • Make informed decisions on your modes of communication
  • Conceptualise with us across media channels
  • Be part of the process of bringing your ideas to visual life
  • Proudly release your ad to the world
  • Allow our social media team to spread the word
  • Connect with your customers

Advertise your passion with Aroma.



Any non-linear experience has immense potential for depth and engagement. To make the most out of this potential we supply:

Interactive Installations

  • Touch and touch-less interactive surfaces
  • Projection, large-scale and holo-displays
  • Live performers to interact with your artwork

Portable Experiences

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual environments, visualisations and walk-throughs
  • Panorama Videos for projections or head-mounted glasses

Apps & Games

  • Development on diverse platforms to deliver individual solutions that stand out from the crowd



Our valued partners include VW, Red Bull, Disney, BMW, KTM, Benetton, Nestlé, BBC, MTV and many more.

We collaborate both with agencies, as well as directly with companies and corporations.

Rooted in Austria and Thailand, Aroma is turning projects into reality all over the globe.


partners in 12 countries

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